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What is Content Management?
It is the capture, management, storage and delivery of articles, images, sounds, raw data, and anything else you can identify as content. We are talking here about web content (although Content Management apply also to other kinds of repositories).
When you are building your intranet site, you don't want to worry about the HTML coding or the technical details of your web server; you want to focus in the content. Moreover, when you are working with a group of contributors, you want them to have control of their own content. And of course, you want it easy. That's when you need a Content Management solution.

What is the Content Management module for Virtual Solution?
It is a content management system (CMS) for the Virtual Solution. It allows users to easily submit/publish and edit articles in your intranet, share files, make comments and rate the content.

Is it perfect for me?
You have to check first that if you want to update your content or images regularly? If it yes then you must need CMS module. You don’t need to ask your web designer for text updating or image upload or news and event publish. You can able to update text or insert images as easy as MSWord or any text editor.

Behind Virtual Solution CMS
Virtual Solution CMS is a PHP and MySQL-based, scalable and very flexible Open Source Content Management System. We have done our best to keep everything smart and simple for the user.

Preferred User Segment
This virtual Solution Content management system is for every one. If you a website owner and need to update its content (like News, product, services and other data) regularly then it is perfect for you. You don’t need to wait for your web designer to upload your event images or any news. Software development company, NGO, Art gallery, Photographer, Any other professional or media company are perfect for this product.


  1. User friendly and very easy to use.
  2. SEO compatible page module for update title, keyword for individual pages.
  3. Page wise module and you could order as per your requirement. Like if you want to update regularly your event and news pages only then you could order us for those pages, not for total website. 
  4. Text editor is very easy to use as simple as you arrange the text in MSword or any text editor.
  5. You just browse your image file form local PC for making a gallery. The front-end page will automatically develop as per your decided page order. You don’t have to worry for more page creation.
  6. Data backup facility is available with our CMS module.
  7. It could be attached along your existing website also without changing your design.

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