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The Virtual Solution Customer Relationship Management Module is an integrated Sales and Marketing Planning system comprising of Wide arrays of configuration.

With Virtual Solution CRM module, organization can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness. Virtual Solution CRM is about acquiring and retaining customers, improving customer loyalty, gaining customer insight, and implementing customer-focused strategies.

Virtual Solution CRM is a true customer-centric enterprise, which helps company drive new growth, maintain competitive agility, and attain operational excellence.

The Business Need
The scope of the project included designing and automating the client’s Quotation Management Software (QMS) System. The QMS aimed to improve client’s business efficiencies in creating and generating quotations, emailing quotations, maintaining documentation and shipping information and providing enhanced QMS reporting features. The quotations generated from QMS would serve as an input to the Contract Management System (CMS).

The client managed the quotation by maintaining spreadsheets since there was no central repository of quotations which made searching a cumbersome job. The quotations sent out to prospects and customers were generated manually. There was a significant delay in generating new quotations and past quotations could not be automatically reused for faster processing. Client’s current process did not facilitate generating multiple quotations for a single customer.

Quotation management processes functioned independently from client’s another application and quotes were not readily available to generate contracts. It was also difficult to track the success or failure ratio for the quotations.

The Solution: Quotation Management Software System
Virtual Solution the client’s quotation management system and identified ways to automate the manual processes.

The project team studied the spreadsheets in detail to identify the data contained in the quotations, types of quotations and different quote statuses. They identified how quotations were being generated, what the required inputs were and how these quotations were passed on to the prospects. They also determined ways to integrate QMS with other applications to improve information processing and exchange. The team also ensured that sensitive information contained within the quotes was kept extremely secure.

Virtual Solution identified the best feasible business architecture to automate client’s quotation management processes and ensure the application supported continuous enhancements.

The solutions provided following facilities:

  1. User management System
  2. Costomised user roll management system
  3. New enquiry management with different client information inputs.
  4. various enquiry search option like (Date wise, client wise, enquiry type wise, etc)
  5. New enquiry follow-up technology. 
  6. Day-wise follow-up schedule management
  7. User-wise follow-up reminder by SMS.
  8. Online or Offline quotation making
  9. Sales documentation management method.
  10.  Enquiry maturity record maintenance.
  11. Various kinds of Reports for your daily business need.
  12. Super Admin control system.
  13. Customer relationship enhancement module.
  14. Mobile and web accessibility.
  15. Low cost.
  16. Special Customizations for your business need.

Client Benefits
1. Web based automated quote management process helped the client leverage maximum performance
2. Quicker conversion of existing open quotes into contracts
3. Advanced reporting features allow client to forecast business projection and determine the success ratio for quotations

Behind Virtual Solution CMS
Virtual Solution CRM is a PHP and MySQL-based, scalable and very flexible Open Source Content Management System. We have done our best to keep everything smart and simple for the user.

Large or small, Virtual Solution’s software development experience can help bring in your software projects on-time and on-budget. Contact us or call us on 91-033-26787848 or 0-9831268829 and start a dialog today.

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