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MLM is all about lot of people doing a little bit, eventually turning into big profit". In an MLM you are rewarded for the sales you create -- not only directly, but indirectly as well. You get profit for any retail sales you make, plus you get a royalty on the sales made by people enrolled under you and people enrolled under them & so on, into the company. By getting a small percentage of many people, your income can grow to a very large number.

Having your own network marketing business is extremely profitable!

Network Marketing, is an alternate channel for a manufacturer to deliver its products to market.

Rather than finding a few people who sell a ton, or providing the monopoly to one, in MLM, you find a bunch of people who run their individual sales. Enrolling new people, and building down-lines, is how you find the people who each do the their amount of sales. EACH of them receives their fixed percentage from personal sales. They have to reach a target drawn by the company to receive extra benefits on sales done by them & their down-lines, if they have any. If the individual is not able to reach the set target, his extra benefits are accumulated to their up-line account. The Up-line receives the benefit if he is able to reach the target with his personal sales & group sales.

Network Marketing "IS NOT" an easy- great- income deal. It takes a lot of work, and most people won't put in the effort it takes. Most people who get into MLM give it a half-hearted try, and then give up the first time they get a "NO". Only the people who determine to put in the effort would reach on top.

Our MLM module provides you with the most powerful automation and essential tools to building a successful MLM business.

Module Features:

MLM Member Master Membership Feature:
In the Membership form the admin can feed & view the member's detail such as [Name, Contact Address & Tel. No., existing e-mail ID.] Along with this the membership details like the member has been recruited by which sponsor under which plan, whether the member is a regular member or a franchise who
receives extra benefits, can be viewed. Once the member has done his full payment the active button is automatically checked indicating that the particular member is accepted & active. The member is allowed to view his performance, profit, bonuses if any, group details & performance records online, through new e-mail ID & password provided by the company.

mlm Frenchisee TrainingFranchise Training:
This feature is for the franchise training details. The admin can add / edit the details of the training provided by the franchise member. The admin can know exactly as to how much bonus is earned by each franchise, how many members are trained, etc.

mlm RecepitReceipt Feature:
Once the payment is received from the distributor, fill in the details & print the receipt. It has the options of payment done by cash or cheque. You can view the details of the payments either by receipt details or by receipt list. Receipt details let you view the details individually while receipt list would give you the details of all the distributors in the list form.

mlm Member Renewal Membership Renewal:
Most of the companies membership are valid for 1 year. The distributors who wish to continue have to renew their membership every year or as per the company rules. The admin can view as to when the particular distributor has to renew his or her membership.

mlm PaymentPayment Feature:
When a particular member reaches the target, he or she receives the benefit. The company can feed the details of the member name,amount, date, by cash or cheque, narration of the benefit or bonus paid. The company can calculate the amount they are spending on the member benefits & salary paid to the staff.

mlm scheme Setting Features:
The company decides the various plans & their percentage of profit onto which the company transactions run . Later on the company may feel the need to change their plans and criteria. The company can add as many levels to their prevailing levels & percentage on their own. The rates of the government tax, change from time to time. The company can update the T.D.S. & Service charges by themselves.

mlm PlanPlan Master:
It is for the sole use of the viewing as to how many plans the company has; what amount is scheduled per plan; how much would a franchise get for training a student as per plan, just as setting feature the plans can be added & deleted.

mlm TreeCustomer Tree:
The members are listed on one side. On the other hand you can view how many downlines a particular member is having. Customer Tree allows you to tree-view all the downlines.

This feature has four options namely Payouts, Tax, Members, Franchise.

The Payout Report option provides the details of the payment given to the members under which plan. The payment is done on which date, by which kind, for which purpose, how much amount is pending.

The tax option gives the details of what was the tax rate & how much tax was paid in the particular month selected by us.

The Member & The franchise options gives reports providing details of the members , franchise & their workouts from a particular date till the particular date.

All the features have the options of add / edit / delete / save / update / print / close.

It is a complete Module in itself.

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